Solar Energy, Tonya Topel

Solar Energy FAQs Answered

With solar energy emerging and becoming the fastest-growing source of power, the consumer market still has questions around this new option for homeowners. To help provide clarity around the topic of solar energy, the five most frequently asked questions have been answered below.

How Do I Know If I’m An Ideal Candidate For Solar Panels?

The majority of people interested in converting to solar energy have incorrect assumptions about their house not being ideal, not having the financial means, or they simply are unaware of the the rebates and incentives offered around solar energy.

The simple answer is: you don’t know until you ask! Solar companies like Sunsource Homes provide free estimates and take in considerations around home square footage, current monthly electric bills, and other factors to provide you with a cost savings estimate.

It Seems Like Solar Energy Is Just A Fad. How Do I Know It’s A Reliable Source Of Energy?

Solar energy is here to stay and is only getting started. As solar storage technology has caught up, the length of time in seeing a return on the investment has been reduced. Throughout the world, businesses are understanding the issues and limitations with our current energy sources and large companies are making substantial investments in solar energy research and development. With billion-dollar companies like Amazon leading the charge in solar investments, consumers can be comforted others make significant risks and seeing the returns. Consumers can feel comforted in seeing large companies making significant investments and providing further validation.

Can I Really Operate My Home On Only Solar Energy?

Yes! This is typically referred to as “Net Zero”, meaning the total amount of energy created through solar panels is equal to the amount used by the homeowner. Net zero allows homeowners to experience large energy savings, while also providing benefits to the environment. In recent national news, a group of cross-party mayors across the US has made a declaration to see their cities adopt more solar energy options.

Can I Afford Solar Energy?

Solar energy is unique in the levels of adoption available. Depending on your budget, you can start mall and gradually invest in additional panel over time. The other added benefit are the current incentives and rebates offered by the government.

It’s an exciting time to make the switch to solar energy and the cost-savings benefits, combined with the environmental impact makes it a smart choice.

Tonya Topel is passionate about protecting the environment and works for an environmentally friendly construction company. Read more of her blogs on zero energy housing or follow her on Twitter!

Originally published at on April 2, 2018.


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