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Part 2: Traveling Planning Tips

As a travel agent, I have learned the ins and outs of planning a fun and fantastic trip. In this series of blogs, I will walk you through my helpful tips on travel planning. In part one of my travel planning tips, I discuss the steps of choosing where to book your vacation. Now let’s dive into what to do while you’re there!

Getting Around

Another question that is important to consider is transportation options once you’re in your travel destination. Depending on where you are going, you may only need a ride to and from the airport. However, other destinations may require more transportation. Somethings to consider are if you need to book a rental car, if you can take a taxi or Uber, and whether there are online transportation passes. Researching your transport options before you travel will save time and stress once you get there.

Things to Do

Popular tourist attractions may be the reason why you selected the destination you did. When you plan a trip, consider what must-see attractions you want to visit. Some popular attractions are booked in advance, so be sure to research the attractions you want to see. As much as we would like to just show up to a popular spot, researching and organizing your tickets beforehand are a good idea. Many towns have cities passes that offer a bundle of tourist attraction tickets at a discounted price. Don’t forget to look into free events!

Places to Dine

For some, eating and dining are the best part of traveling. When I take a vacation, I like to discover new restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes. There are a bunch of excellent smartphone apps to use, and my personal favorite is Urbanspoon. Regardless of your budget or taste, you’ll find a bunch of local restaurants that offer delicious foods! If you are traveling with children, this app will also help you find family-friendly dining options.

Don’t Over Plan

While it’s important to plan some travel activities in advance, don’t over plan your vacation. Be sure to leave some time to relax, walk around, and explore. Sometimes the best memories are made off of a whim! Plus — you’ll never know what you’ll find to do when you just leave some time to explore the city!

We’re not done with my planning tips yet! Be sure to check back soon for Part 3: Traveling Planning Tips. My third blog will focus on helpful tips on preparing for your travel and making sure you have a safe, and enjoyable trip!
Tonya Topel is an avid traveler and licensed travel agent located in Kansas City, MO. Check more of her travel tips or follow her on Twitter!

Originally published at on April 3, 2018.


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